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Wild side

Worlds collide

She tried to live by the rules

Implement her Dr. taught tools



But it was a slippery slope

With only words as her rope

Observers filled with hope

But she liked her wild side

She thrived off the crazy ride

Got high when her worlds would collide

The words she spoke

She lied

To live by the rules

She tried

The truth of herself she denied


©Jennifer David 2014



    • lillythehtcat

      ok..i hate very a feral cat who has been freezing her ass off for two days..staying alive..i mean cant we just talk..i dont get poetry..totally lost on me..until this..really…….do you know you live in gonna follow..its not like i dont have enough to do..staying alive..nailing chipmunks..and now im going to read a canadians poetry..crap..thanks

  1. amoore019

    Love the words. Just started following you. I’m also a poet and would love to share some of my work with you.

  2. Juan Ramirez

    Wow, I do not know much about this craft, but the words, the rhythm, the depth of play. Awesome! I felt excited as I read. If all you work is like this I think I will continue reading. Thank you!

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