The Loon’s Cry


The Loon’s Cry

Outside the tent

Darkness and giant trees swaying in the wind.

The lake is moaning in it’s troubled sleep.

And far across the lazy lapping waves,

Above the crooning of the wind,

I hear a wild loon crying,

Like a weary soul alone in the dark water.

Inside the tent

Your gentle breathing,

Untroubled by crooning wind or wailing loon;

Your face is lighted by the embers of the fire.

Fainter and further away echoes the loon’s cry,

But now it is only the voice of Loneliness

Bidding me farewell,

As it passes into the night.

You stir in your sleep softly

And you turn to face me,-

And the loon cries no more.

Canadian Poet:
Frank Oliver Call

Written in 1920



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