Friday’s Featured Poet


Here are a few poems by the writings and poetry of Kristin Peterman.

The fire inside

It’s the beginning of a new day
The sun is rising and warming my face
I feel cold inside despite the warmth from the sun
The fire inside me is fading away
Is there someone who can ignite it again
Each time I think I have found someone
They disappear with the setting of the sun taking a piece of me with them
Leaving my heart a dwindling ember
Will I ever find what I am looking for
A love so deep and true
That nothing could ever keep me from you

My Love

You have filled my heart to overflowing
My thoughts always coming back to you
My skin longs for your sweet touch
The veins in my body are on fire for you
Our bodies touching, moving in a sensuous dance
Hands roaming, mouths tasting
teasing and pleasing
Melting into each other, sharing our love and desire

**My Everything**

You are everything that’s beautiful to me
Like the sun as it rises each morning and falls every night
Flowers as they bloom and release their exotic essence, carried to me by a gentle breeze
The taste of the ripest berries, their juices flooding my mouth and caressing my lips as I bite into them
Your voice is that of an angel, it sends me to heaven every time I hear it
The thought of you sets my blood on fire
I love you my angel

© Kirstin Peterman 2013

For more writings and poetry please find Kirstin on facebook at her page:

facebook page description: The writings of Kristin Peterman, aka Epic Eden…and other beautiful things I enjoy!




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