The Five Star 5 – 40 Years Update…

Congrats Tim, this is great news. It always feels so good to set a goal and achieve it. I know for many people weight loss is a real challenge and setting unrealistic goals can lead to deeper self confidence issues and a vicious cycle of disappointment!

Love your last lesson learned…portion sizes aren’t the portions tiny? lol

I can’t give up the beer and wings with hockey, I’m such a Canadian girl. I have tried to eat moderately and set weight loss goals but I settled on a healthy life style, balanced meals and embracing this now 39 (it’s my bday today!) *gulp* year old body of mine.

Keep setting goals and achieving them my friend! The skies the limit!

I’m proud of you! I may just hit the gym after I have some cake today! lol

Sell, Lead, Succeed!

At the end of August, I decided I needed to lose some weight. I had progressively let myself go, and for the first time in my life wanted to see if I could commit to losing a few pounds.

I am very proud to say that I DID IT!!!!

I attempted to lose 10 pounds over a 9 week period, and on my last weigh in I had lost 12 pounds!

Here are the top five lessons learned over the 9 weeks:

  • It is NOT an easy thing to do!
  • I still needed a TREAT day once per week to enjoy my favourite foods
  • Eating healthy 95% of the time takes a lot of work but is worth it
  • Eating smaller meals more often did surpress my appetite
  • A  normal portion size is much smaller than I ever thought

Bonus lesson

  • I have a new mindset that if I deeply…

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