Stop doubting yourself as a writer!

Definitely worth a try. Words I needed to read today in regards to writing. I’m having an impossible time staying focused on writing my book….
Thank you for the great post!

the closet writer

pagesThe worst enemy to creativity is self doubt.
Sylvia Plath

I saw this quote somewhere recently and it made me reconsider my struggle to finish my novel. Indeed, there is a cold truth in Plath’s assertion. I write best when I move beyond myself. When I get into the zone, so to speak. This zone involves putting words down without any negative energy interrupting the almost magical flow of creativity.

A tall order on most days. Moving beyond the thought that what I have to say is unimportant and forgettable is usually quite difficult. The thoughts that my characters won’t matter to anyone, that the struggles within the book aren’t relevant, that the plot is boring or weak all too often paralyze me. I become incapable of writing anything when I listen to this internal doubt. My self-concept is surrounded by feelings of incapability, of ineptitude. Renders me incapable of…

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  1. Ray

    I think most creative types, whether they are authors, musicians, chefs, artists, etc… are very critical of their own work to a fault. I know I am. I am my toughest critic. And for a lot of folks, it’s challenging for them to take a compliment. (Not me…. I know my stuff is good!) LOL! (Did I mention that humility is one of my strong points?) Hehehehe.

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