Tender is a Cupcake

Beautiful! Such a lovely poem.
I’m happy that I happened upon this today.

Joseph A. Pinto

My little girl turns 5 years old today.  Where has the time gone?  My beautiful Athena blossoms every day.

I’ve said from the start that I hope my blog one day serves as her road map to learn about me.  My push to achieve is always with her in mind.

Happy birthday, sunshine.  This is for you:

Tender is a Cupcake

She is so much more

 than everything


this love

yet beyond my words

She is so much more

 than anything


her stature

yet bigger than my dreams

I protect

I guide

While somehow she teaches

and I learn

Holding hands

A smile

A giggle

A delicate kiss that lingers

within me


She is

my everything

She is

my anything

She is

my always

Tender is a cupcake

And she is sweet as can be.

© Copyright 2013 Joseph A. Pinto. All Rights Reserved.

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