Scorpio New Moon-Solar Eclipse

I thought I might share this today as my birthday is coming up this week…
I’m a Scorpio, what’s your sign?

Eddie Two Hawks


                                     November 3, 2013  7:50  EST

                                     November 3, 2013  12:50  GMT

                                     Scorpio  11°16

A person 28 years old or so might remember what was important to them 19 years ago.  This  Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse is at nearly the same degree it was back then. It is not uncommon for this to occur and actually routine for Solar Eclipses to occur at the same degree every 19 years. What mattered most back them? What is most important to you right now?

New Moons regardless of your individual sign are always about creating anew, starting fresh, or planting seeds for future progress. No matter your sign or situation in life, change is probably on your mind. Self improvement and personal healing is dependent on one’s individual past or station in life. Going forward sometimes is more a matter of looking back and reviewing your past. This is an ideal time to heal past wounds!

Recently (Friday, November 1) there was the 4th exact…

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