Nobody Cares…REALLY???

Grab a cup of coffee and take a seat and give this a read.

Culture Monk

Nobody cares really

by Kenneth Justice

~Do you ever feel that all the hard work your putting in is simply being ignored….that nobody values you and all that your doing?

—) A lot of employees feel this way at work, as though their bosses or managers simply don’t respect all that they do in the job

—) A lot of spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends feels this way; that their significant other doesn’t truly value all the time and energy they put into the relationship

—) A lot of children feel this way; that their parents don’t truly value how hard they are working in life, school, fill-in-the-blank

Its really difficult when we go through life and others don’t seem to value how hard we are working towards moving forward. It can feel like we are standing all alone on a street corner playing music; giving everything we’ve got….and people ignore us and walk by…

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