Heart Breaker

ImagePhoto Credit:  Declan McCullagh

Heart Breaker

She pounds the ground



Shaking the earth

Making it quake

Deeper than her heart break

Her hot lava erupts

Into a burning rage

Releasing the beast from with in its cage

A demon you need to see

Rising up and standing free




From the crusted exterior

She ruptures again

No longer small and defeated

Her eyes and her heart heated

She clenches in her fist

Your unity


Her magma escaping

Cataclysmically into the atmosphere

Pulverized from her eruption

A naturally occurring destruction

©Jennifer David 2013


  1. seanbidd

    Incredible, thunderous start, with tumultuous finish, though I fell through the middle a little, it got me thinking some too, like below..
    Like fire upon the earth, between the soul’s furnace cast, unto in chaos breed a darkness, where before the moment trickles light, flame erupts no scarcity, within two hands a charred silhouette.

  2. Bryan Sissel

    I have just 3 or 4 of your poems and outstanding work i love them. There are powerful yet simple and uncomplicated very nice.

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