The Terminator: Can you get fired over a Facebook “Like”?

An interesting read. Food for thought.


As social media continues to engrain itself in our lives, cyber-law becomes an area of law that very few know much about with a lot gray area in terms of what is considered legal and illegal.  If I wanted to go to law school, I would definitely go for cyber-law because it is becoming widely needed across social media platforms.  A recent court case that brought legal attention to Facebook was Bland v. Roberts

Bland v. Roberts was a lawsuit brought by six former employees of the Sheriff’s Department in Hampton, Virginia alleging that their former employer, Sheriff B.J. Roberts, wrongful terminated them due to their support of Sheriff Robert’s opposition, Jim Adams, in a 2009 re-election campaign.  Five of the six plaintiffs argued that Sheriff Robert’s terminated their employment at the Department because they had liked Adam’s page on Facebook. 

The plaintiffs asserted that their rights to freedom…

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  1. the uninhibited life

    A couple years ago I liked a Bob Marley quote on fb without looking at who the post was originally from. I found out when someone brought it to my attention that it was a pro marijuana group. Though my personal opinion on marijuana is legalization it’ still illegal and as a mother my responsibility is to stay out of trouble so I never would put myself under suspect like that. People need to be smart. You never know who is watching.

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