Weekly Writing Challenge: Dear Abby

The challenge:   For this week’s writing challenge, channel your inner Abigail Von Buren. Experiment with the question and answer format. Taking inspiration from a question you’ve been asked recently, whether in conversation with a friend or sent in from a reader, don your best counselor hat and share your expertise.

Dear Mrs.  I am getting married this week and I am unsure what to expect or how to go about being a husband.  Do you have any pointers or tips from your own experience to help me learn to be a good husband to my partner?

To Whom It May Concern

Hold their hand

But not too tight

Use your strength

But not your might

Have your space

But not all night

Say your peace

But do not fight

Dream of them

But not ’til it’s light

Be in the world

But don’t lose sight

Stay grounded

But keep your height

Swoop and swerve

But maintain flight

Make mistakes

But make them right

Be the beast

But always the knight

I hope this helps, Writings of a Mrs.

To participate please visit here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/weekly-writing-challenge-dear-abby/



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