The Ring

corner, boxing ring girl, boxing,

Photo Credit: Alfonse Pagano

The Ring

My skin goose bumps

I feel so small

As I crawl back

Into my corner


And bruised


Like an old time boxer

Ready to retire

Mentally impacted

From beating after beating

But the bell rings

And I tighten the strings

On my gloves

To fight on

For our love

©  Jennifer David 2013

*This is a metaphor, it in no way is meant to condone any type of physical or mental/emotional violence or abuse*



  1. Melody J Haislip

    Thank you for the footnote! This is powerful and disturbing. I don’t like mental or emotional abuse any more than physical. Would that love could always be easy.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Oh I most definitely agree, emotion abuse is unacceptable as well!
      I think sometimes in relationships people feel like they are taking beating while learning about themselves and their partners. Relationships sometimes require hard work, you have to fight for love at times….
      I suppose I should have clarified that better, actually I will do that right now, thank you for drawing it to my attention!
      All the best,

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