She is led under

As she wanders through the hollows of her mind

wondering what she will find

She stumbles upon memories of glass

That shine as bright as the suns first glow

Lined up in tidy rows

Kept in order so she can find what she needs to know

She picks up the shattered glass stone

Stained the color of home

Her security thrown

The order of things blown

Left standing alone

With a glass shard

Hands stained with the color of home

 © Jennifer David 2013



      • raecheldawn

        I really like the word hollow. I see Carl’s point, but in a lot of my poetry the word hollow keeps appearing. I believe it shows there is great depth to feel if someone can sense such a depth of emptiness. Jennifer this poem is a new personal favorite as it speaks to me in a very intimate way of where I am at on my personal journey. Thank you both for your love of words and how they can be so beautiful!

  1. raecheldawn

    Reblogged this on Dancing with Darkness and commented:
    I have been following this blog since I discovered my love of poetry in May. This poem speaks to me in such a simple yet deep way. I love the way the words string together like pearls to hang delicately around our wounded hearts.
    Check out her blog!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate you wanting to share the awards with me but I really must decline. I am quite busy with my 2 blogs etc that I don’t have time to put together the posts required for them. Best of luck to you and continued success with your writing and blog.

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