Fridays Featured Poet


Hi, my name is Christine Campbell and you can find me on my blog at or my Facebook author page: Christine Campbell, Author WriteWhereYouAre
Here is my poetry submission for your blog.
I have ongoing serious health problems and this poem was written on one of my more difficult days.
I wonder if it resonates with others.
Thank you for this opportunity.
The Prisoner
© Christine Campbell, 2013

With silken bars
and spikes of kindness
My perimeter is placed
I stretch my hand
outside this cage
To reach for freedom
a fingertip away
But there is nothing
No-one to rescue me
No-one sees the bonds.

I devour the scraps
of company they feed me
Unsure when there
might be more.
A time bomb ticks
inside me
So many triggers
I must tread softly
One false move
There’ll be more pity
but no escape.

You have the key
It’s in your pocket
If you look for
the door you
Could unlock it.
Outside this prison
I could be free
But I’d carry
the time bomb
Out with me.
If you’re brave
You’ll still
Take me with you.


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