Emotional Openness in Relationships

I thought I would do something  a little different today….

Emotional Openness in Relationships with the Mrs.

*disclaimer, I am not a doctor nor trained to give any advice on any professional level in psychology, if you need real help please seek someone with the proper credentials to do so, this is my personal voice, opinion and experience that I am sharing*

ImageEmotional Openness in Relationships

We must first understand ourselves and know what we truly want and need before we can expect another to learn how to do so with us.

Life affords us so many opportunities and chances to show the person that we love that they matter, that we need them.  That they alone can fill a place of dependence and reliance that no other can fill.

To not do so, is not only an injustice to us but to the relationship as a whole.

We can’t always predict what will come our way, in any given moment.
But when things really matter and push comes to shove we need to make decisions and choices that will reflect our inward emotions to the external person.

Sometimes these moments comes as instants, when we really need to be in touch with ourselves and our surroundings to make decisions in a moment that correctly reflect our emotions and needs and allow our partner to feel them also.

Hardships can fall when we are not in touch with our own emotions and needs and the emotional needs of our partner.

In order to enact this we must truly know what matters to us.  What matters most to our own person and to those of the person we have chosen to let into ourselves.

We need to learn to understand ourselves.

We must truly be open and be one with our partner.

One of the most challenging things to learn in relationships is opening ourselves, self- reflecting, exposing and addressing our spiritual and emotional needs and to take into consideration the needs of another.

Take a moment to think about these questions.

Are you open?

How would you define openness in relationships?

I will be following up this post with 4 more segments addressing openness, how to self reflect, exposure and how to identify our own spiritual wants and needs and how to differentiate between the two.  This is with the hopes to help you first understand what you really want and need in your life as an individual in turn helping you to be in a healthy emotional relationship with your partner.

Any thoughts on this topic or post idea?  Let me know below.  Thank you!



  1. John

    Good points Jennifer. My wife and I have always been close and finely tuned to each other. More so at the moment after her surgery, every little need must be attended. Lack of this is why so many marriages crumble these days as young folk (not all) are selfish.

  2. Rebecca Meyer

    For me, I think that I am open with people I’m closest to in my life. With everyone else I’m open to a certain extent: I’m honest, but slightly guarded. I believe that to be open, I have to be honest about all my emotions and thoughts. This can be difficult for some, because we’ve all had times where we’ve kept feelings to ourselves. When I am truly open with someone, that does not happen. I’m open with someone when I tell the person how I feel and I explain any problems I have in the relationship. Openness is not hiding our emotions from others; it’s being emotionally honest.

  3. kateherrod

    I think that a big part of being open in a relationship is being able to be open with yourself. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin then its a lot harder to be open about how you feel because your insecurities get in the way.

    You nailed it when you said “we need to be open with ourselves”

    great post, I enjoyed the read!

  4. genuinesubgirl

    This is something that that is very much a struggle and an issue in my marriage. Openness, like transparency, seems very circular – we are open to those that are open to us and the more open they are, the more open we are and it spins up from there.

  5. Heidi

    Openness … yes, I have learned this in a heartbreaking way the past couple of months. I didn’t feel secure with myself in a past relationship and my heart was broken, severely. 😦 But the pain also caused me to find myself and I KNOW that I have transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly (I only wish the man I was with would recognize this transformation, but patience is trusting God’s timing).

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  7. Ray

    Jennifer: Wonderful post… I know in my next relationship, this will be a KEY component I know that I will have to work very hard on. COMMUNICATION… I am not a fan of confrontation, but I’m learning. I speak my mind now. Very important in a relationship. “Agree to disagree” is a common outcome now in alot of my conversations with folks these days…. I’m an old dog, these are new tricks. 🙂

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