Guest Blogger: Haley Schluter

I want to introduce you all to Haley Schluter.


She is a vibrant, young, promising college student with a ‘voice’ that makes you feel like you are sitting across from her at a coffee shop having a chat.  Her writing style is fun, comfortable, confident and she is a riot!  Oh and did I mention she has curly hair?  I’m a fan of curly hair.  Watch for her and her curly hair, I’m sure you will be seeing more of her in the years to come!

Why Your Blog’s Voice Speaks Volumes

I have been writing articles for over two years now; blogposts, column pieces, web articles, you give me a digital article platform and I have probably graced it with my shameless content and praiseworthy voice. Whether writing for my relationships and social scene blog, or my professional and personal blog, there is one thing that remains constant, and that draws in worldwide readership: my voice. I write to entertain, even sometimes in academia where my professors will write back to me “Haley, you are writing a WWII paper, I shouldn’t be laughing out loud”. Whoops! But I naturally write colorfully. All of my articles are heavily laden with witticisms, contain funny and eerily accurate analogies or example situations, contain connotative and artfully crafted word choice, and will often make you chuckle to yourself as you browse your desktop or tablet. It can be, in part, attributed to the easily entertaining content I have chosen to create a blogging platform off of, but I think “voice” when writing is something that develops over time, and once you perfect it and feel comfortable with it, it sort of becomes you. My tweets, emails and blogposts, almost any written content I create, save for maybe a condolence letter or rejection email, speak with that same voice, which separates me from other web writers in nearly every platform..

Why have a unique voice? Like I just exemplified, it separates you from others online, who may write about very similar content, or are looking for the same opportunities. Hello, the “world-wide-web” is a freaking big place, it’s worldwide! There are millions of bloggers who, every single day, put out posts from cooking, to digital marketing to sports, and absolutely everything in between. So, with that truth, how does your one in a million blog stand out, and turn one time readers into avid followers? You guessed it: your voice! Think for a sec, I know, I know,  this time trolling around online is your play, not work, time, but just briefly think: if you read sports blogs like it’s your day job, (or what if it actually is your day job), and you read post after post that matter-of-factly display today’s sports stories/controversies. Yawn, how many times can you read over and over that “Michael Jordan dunks winning free throw”, (I don’t speak sports obviously). It gets old! If you were to come across a sports blog that is outwardly entertaining, and goes beyond the day to day sports commentary by adding jokes or analogies between the sport news bit and perhaps daily life, my guess is you’d follow that blog right? Having a unique voice is extremely important because it does turn “stumble uponers” into loyal and appreciative followers!

How will a consistent voice help? Easy! If your awesome, unique voice is what draws people to follow your blog in the first place, then be sure to have it be a constant throughout most of your posts! Utilizing different tones and different voices in each post that you write can make your blog seem inconsistent; like “did he/she really write this post”, or “why is this otherwise very straightforward blogger using all of these euphemisms in their latest post”? You don’t want your readers to question you because credibility is one of the most important aspects in running a successful blog. For example, I have the credibility to write my other blog, predominantly about different relationships and dating in college, because I am a college student who is out there dating and forging relationships! And in each post I do about dating, I make sure to be very blunt and honest, but also to be funny and candid, which is why my voice, which remains a constant, helps me stay credible in the eyes of my readers. Plus, your blog should reflect you, and having a primarily unchanging voice when writing, is a great way to portray yourself and allow your readers to feel close to you, or that they know you.

I understand there are all kinds of different circumstances, in this here blogpost I have barely cracked a joke, which is uber unlike me and I do feel that my voice has been a bit more tame than normal, but in most published posts a voice that is true to you is underratedly one of the key aspects necessary to get likes, shares and build a following.

To read my “voice” in action check out or DM on Twitter @haley_schluter for the link to my more explicit blog!

A little more on Haley

I am an undergraduate studying Broadcast & Digital Journalism at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. I am extremely passionate about writing and most of my writing reflects the style and content of Cosmopolitan magazine. Recently, I was certified in social media by Hootesuite, the social media certification online program, and I am becoming very proficient in digital marketing, SEO, blogging and various other social media platforms. Hey, maybe I could turn my love for online influence into a job someday! I am also very fond of entertaining, whether through dancing, my writing, storytelling or any other way I can steal the spotlight, I love to make others laugh or feel something. Other than that there’s not too much else to know! I am just happy to be doing what I love and loving what I do, that’s what it is all about for me.


  1. Rebecca Meyer

    That’s okay, it happens to me too sometimes! 🙂 I agree that it’s essential for bloggers to have a clear and unique voice. There are thousands of blogs out there, and so it’s crucial to make sure we have voices that stand out.

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