AM~musings with paint and words

Benjamin what a beautiful introduction for me to you and your blog, I need to share this, you, with my community.
I was/am totally taken away by this, the rhythm is beautiful the visual, breathtaking.
And your art, speaks for itself.
I’m your newest big fan.

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

In the mornings night
With such delight a calm
And silence has spread its wings
No jumbled noises or raised
Up voices. Just the quiet in
My head.
Pictures if paint blues,
greens and gold
Words of love, passion
and things of old.

Simple trinkets to remind me of
The days I’ve left behind.
Simple visions of the thing I’ve yet to find
All just memories if my one long day
All just footnotes in the pages that lay
Strewn about in my mind and play tricks
With words and paint, all just dots and dashes.
Like garter belts and mustaches
Things that make us think in a certain way. The illusion of life as it may, for we all just sit, sit and wait for the day
When the death lights come to take us away. Simple really…..just another story
Of stories about a story. This time I think…

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