Thread Barren


It’s over

It’s the end

I can’t do it again

Over and over

It seems

That the seams

Have torn

For the last time

No mending is needed

The strings are too bare

From baring

Thread barren


At the seams

So it seems

It’s over

It’s the end

I can’t mend it again

© Jennifer David 2013



  1. Keenan Henderson

    Oh wow, is that screenshot from the french movie Irréversible?
    The poem is amazing but yeah I started to imagine how the poem related to the film haha, it’s great standing alone too

  2. loujenhaxmyor

    “…too bare from baring…” I like how forms of the same word are used in this manner. Nice poem, Jennifer. Thanx for sharing it with us and for visiting my blog site. Have a wonderful day.

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