Calling for Guest Bloggers


I am looking for a few guest bloggers.

The posts must be new pieces, never before posted/published. 

The topics that I am interested in are as follows:

  •   Personal experience pieces on publishing, writing, etc.  for example the ups and downs of being a writer/poet/author/blogger or writing tips, tricks of the trade, your writing routine, how to keep motivated, the muse… etc.
  •  An important cause or mission to you that you want to bring awareness to.

If any of these topics interest you please email me your submission for review at with Guest Blog in the subject line of your email.    Please be sure to include all public domain, free to use images or consent on other images.




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  4. Kuruk

    Dear Miss Mrs. Jennifer, I am just a pup, but I am an author and a poet and a blogger. Can I be a guest blogger to spread the word about my cause to raise awareness about puppy mills, animal rescue, and animal welfare? I wrote my book about my rescue to raise money to help other animals like me. Just let me know – you can email my Mama from the comment page on my blog. Thank youwoooowoooooooo! Ku

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