The Pyramid

pyramid, government, politics, poetry, capitalism

The Pyramid


Do you cherish the perishable?

The wounded and the comparable

The destruction,

The corruption

The social destroyer

Or the employer?

To the unemployed

The deployed

The myriad



The Pyramid

© Jennifer David 2013



  1. wlouison

    Reblogged this on Messages From My Life and commented:
    A very interesting poem that captures how a lot of people feel. While I think that capitalism is a lot better than many other forms of social and political organization, I do have to scratch my head when I think about the pyramid system. In many ways, it just doesn’t make sense, but we’re all a part of it, somewhere.
    Anyway, check out this great poem (which exercises a great vocabulary, I should add) and it may turn some wheels in your head as it did in mine.
    Too bad there wasn’t a simple way to ‘fix’ all of this, without plunging ourselves into chaos.

  2. redgladiola

    Wow, I love this. The image left me with such a visceral reaction and the poem really encompassed that. I love the rhyme and meter to it too. Sobering but powerful stuff!

  3. Vanessa Dawne

    Wow, wonderful timing with this gorgeous graphic, Jennifer. My son & I were discussing ‘the state of affairs’ & I described the feelings of the people in the French Revolution with their backs & souls broken — “eat cake when they had no bread”. This pyramid portrays all too well the feelings of too many generations in too many countries now. And a special thank-you for the ‘Like’ on my Dawne Thoughts post — I can’t express how much I appreciate your kindness. 😉

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