Oh so true!


I couldn’t have said this better myself.

This is one of many reasons why I write.

Why do you write?



  1. lauralord

    If I stopped, the voices would grow so loud I’d start speaking like my barbarian a-hole muse to everyone. I doubt they would appreciate that.

  2. Johnny Ojanpera

    I write because I have a contract with my DNA that states: If Johnny doesn’t write, his life force will begin to fade away. 🙂

  3. Eve Human

    To change the world for the better…. sounds a bit like megalomania, doesn’t it? That’s why I sound so preachy and have so few friends.
    But I can´t help it. I worry and I care about this world and its people. And I believe that war and oppression are not the inevitable forever lot of humanity.
    We’re sinners, sure, but still there is good inside us, as well.
    Most people don’t want war or torture or oppression of others, they don’t enjoy other people being killed in reality (though they might enjoy “Final Destination” on the big screen) or starved or trampled upon. The few who do those things or order them to be done can do so with impunity not because the majority agrees with them but because they are being deceived. I believe, I truly believe, that eventually the truth will set us free from the scourges of war and oppression, even though it might take a long time, a very long time. For a truth that contradicts much of what you thought you knew is hard to accept emotionally regardless of the evidence. It pains.

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