E book Addition: A Duet, Write and Get Published with me


In light of my post  The 1 thing that Writers and Bloggers need to know before they begin I decided that I would like to write a few duets, well, 3 to be exact.

I am looking for fellow writers and poets to do a duet with me that I will post on my blog  and then add to my free ebook that I will be publishing in the upcoming months along with all of the past ‘Storetries’

The concept is a back and forth piece written together. One will be with a writer going back and forth between their paragraph prose and my poetic verse.  Two will be a purely poetic duet.


If this is something that interests you please send me an email with DUET in the subject line along with your preferred method, prose or poetry, a link to your blog or a specific piece of writing that you would like me to read along with a topic idea for our possible collaboration to writingsofamrs@outlook.com  I ask that you please like and be a fan of my facebook page to be eligible for submission.  If you are not already, you can find it here:  https://www.facebook.com/writingsofamrsjennifer

I will accept submissions until November 1st.  I will announce in a blog post on November 1st the 3 people whom I have selected to write with.

Thank you for showing an interest in writing with me. I look forward to it and I wish I had enough time to write with you all!

chuck palahniuk, quote, Invisible Monsters,
Thank you for your continued support and for being part of my wonderful community.

I wish you all the best in all of your endeavors.
Continued Success to you all!




  1. Johnny Ojanpera

    I would love to submit to this. The only snag is that my agent/wife is on fb so I don’t have to be. It’s a long story. What if she likes your page for me?

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      No it hasn’t!! I was away on vacation with the family and then started to work unexpectedly and now I am no longer working…lol
      I will have a post shortly in regards to it but I still have plans to move forward with things they were just put on a longer time line!

  2. Ranting Crow

    It is intriguing how something like this works out. I know it is fun (done this once with a friend) because you constantly have to improvise to what your co-writer has written, to create something beautiful.and unique. i wish you success with the endeavor.

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