The Sugar Cookie Castle: Creative’s voice through lyrics

I love, love, love so many aspects of this piece!
So dark in a revealed way with such edge and attitude.
The rhythm is flawless and the breaks, perfect!
Please give Jessica a read!


Not motivated. Hated the past that creeped up like the Hulk ate it.

Meditated, created this beast and paid it. Lost cause. Hope nauseated and tripped into cruel and jaded.

Open mind surgery. Painless cure. You see, time is dead to me. Scalpel cuts deep sores. Flying through exit doors with slippery floors.

Keep your sight. Fight the night like shadows on rooftops. Plain sight, no flight. Stuck to you, and seen within the sewn patterns. It matters as the glass shatters.

Footprints rinse the blood stained path do the math, revenge’s black wrath. Future is carved out. Whole grain, rot your brain. Green and fried. Throwing tomatoes, keep it in pride. Soaked, tired and tried.

Drowning in this mouth. Gone south for the winter. Cold splinter. Ran through space and hit enter. Tied up again, trapped in a cage with no pen. Beginning or end.

Repetition. Like division for…

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