Facebook Resolve

So I have been ‘working’ on my fb page as of late and giving the social networking some love and attention.  My facebook page has been growing slowly but surely and I have enjoyed all of the wonderful pages, images and blogs that I have stumbled across over the past few days.  ( you can join me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/writingsofamrsjennifer?ref=hl , head on over and hit like, you can receive snippets into my life there along with all of my blog posts )

My face book page was mentioned in an article posted earlier this week by Joy Findley that features Zee Southcombe and she discusses social networking and blogging that you can take a look at here if you’d like :

This morning was by far my most favorable day on facebook when I happened upon a blog post entitled Resolve by Mostly True Stuff.

Isn’t resolve such a fantastic word?

The resolve of the human spirit has always been a fascination of mine and this post puts it all into such beautiful, raw, real and compelling words.

If you have a moment please check out her blog post.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


reolve, strength, inspiration



  1. kdavisfanclub

    excelent post, I completely agree with the wonder of human resolve. I love to hear about hope and similar endearing, enduring qualities. The humnans spirit’s ability to face such triumphs and tragedies is a depthless well of amazement. Good luck with your facebook, Jennifer, I can’t cope with social media yet as I struggle with the computer in general and need to take it slowly when it comes to learning about technology as I get frustrated and upset with it. I do appreciate that social media is now becoming easier to learn and that there is a great deal of support out there. I think it may be something that I shall have to find the resolve to approach at some point if only to better promote my writing and that of others hopefully! Great post, thanks for sharing and best wishes from baldy 🙂

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