Generations of Ancestors

The layers and layers of generations of our ancestors

Whose feet rested upon the Earth

Whose heads lay cradled upon their arms

Singing their merry songs of the time around the fire

Star gazing

Pondering life’s mysteries

In awe of all that was and all that would be, as we do the same

Standing upon soil that was shared

Now buried or blown away

Helping the earth continue to grow,

Buried beneath the earth that cradled their sleep

That fed them and the fire that they shared

That burned in their bellies as it does now in ours

The earth is layered with our ancestors

Feeding the earth and nourishing our bodies, minds and souls

The layers in rock

The rings in trees

All layered with the wrinkles of generations of people that shared the same earth

Generations of our ancestors

© Jennifer David


  1. Theresa

    “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~ Sir Isaac Newton/Bernard of Chartres. Generations of ancestors – our giants.

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