3 Little Problems of the Creative Mind


They spend so much time looking through the lens knowing the importance of capturing a moment, the moment so that it can forever be shared with the world but yet so often missing out on living in the moment.


They can’t wait to tell their story.  When it’s time to write, it’s time, you can only wait so long before the idea passes or your muse leaves, often wishing to record moments of the past forgetting to participate in the present.


They get so engrossed in the stories and facts they read that they long for the next moment that they can escape back to their story.

So really there is one problem, often the problem of existing and living in the moment.

So live your passion but don’t forget to also live your life, in the moment!




  1. fragmentsofretrospect

    If a photographer/writer/reader is so enthralled by doing his/her favourite activity at any time, isn’t that ‘living the moment’ for that particular person? I’m not advocating for people to dwell in the clouds, but if a person often wanders to an imaginary or creative universe, I’m not sure I see the problem with that.

  2. rod

    I was so of that view that when I traveled in Iran and Afghanistan I didn’t take a camera with me.
    Now I wonder if I was really there.

  3. harmamae

    I naturally tend towards being an observer anyway, and writing just exacerbates that side of me. Sometimes I have to remind myself to get out there!

  4. KBT

    As the lady behind the lens, I have to agree 🙂 Sometimes I am so caught up in capturing images that I miss the moments with my family. So while I agree that it is living in the moment as on comment says, it is not an engaged with people moment… and with family and children I think it is important to balance yourself on both sides of the lens.

  5. melly1994

    This is so beautifully & accurately written. I adored this post. I’m a writer & reader and identify most with putting off writing until my muse passes, I need to work on that. Thanks for posting something so amazing.

  6. chengboiser

    Aside from the sudden absence the muse, its also difficult to start something and also end the story/ poem because you got all these ideas in your head.

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