The Clarity of Stone

My ring

Such a sparkly thing

It shines and glimmers

A flashy reminder of you

The cut, so precious and rare

Created for a love that you cannot compare

To any other thing

My ring,

Such a sparkly thing

The clarity of stone

Not quite perfect possessing flaws

That increase its value and rating,

Inflating, like out love, over time

My ring

Such a sparkly thing

The way it holds me

Surrounds me, is always with me

The way you are

My ring

Such a sparkly thing

© Jennifer David



  1. Carrie Lange

    I adore this! I’m not materialisic, fashion conscious, or in any way obsessed, or even all that interested in the aquisiton of expensive things. BUT, two things I cherish above all other “things” is my wedding ring, and the diamond ring my mom gave me. I love to look at them sparkle, and I’m positively enraptured by them, proud of them, and LOVE for other people to see them! 🙂

  2. bamauthor

    I think the most important point is not the sparkle, but the fact that it symbolizes the circle and never ending love. We need the sparkle to draw attention to the fact that the ring is there in the first place.

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