Shunned, ashamed,

you turn away

but you know no other way.

This too shall pass

It’s only a season,

that must be the reason.

You muster up the strength,

lift yourself up off the floor.

What was once,

is no more.


    • writingsofamrs

      Thank you for taking the time to read it. I appreciate.
      I hope it is left open for interpretation, that most people have felt like this at one time or another in many different types of situations.
      Continue writing!

      • Wuji

        Btw Jen, what kind of tags do you find get you the most traffic? I’m new to wordpress and I’m still trying to figure that basic stuff out…

      • writingsofamrs

        Well I suppose that depends on what you are focusing your writing on. I want to share my journey so I tend to tag everything with blogging. I have discovered poetry only over the last week or so, so I tag with that also.
        I like to know my readers and take time to read their work and comment on the people I follow etc.
        Traffic is a mystery to me. Seriously.

      • Wuji

        My most hit tags currently are Poetry, short poem, free-verse, love, etc… yeah it’s a mystery to me too!

  1. Ray

    What started as innocence ends with knowledge and wisdom… Knowledge is knowing it’s a 1-was street… Wisdom is still looking both ways before you cross.

  2. wordsinsidemysoul

    I like this poem. I had to read it several times to get the pictures it painted in my mind straight. And each time they were different. And each time they were true. If that makes sense.

  3. MDY

    “This, too, shall pass” reminds me of an Old English poem which I came across some years ago. Titled “Deor”, it’s about an old man who’s had everything stripped away yet reconciles himself to the fact that everything – joy, pain alike – washes over in the end. Sorcery and umlauts aside, it’s kind of like yours. The more things change…

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