And so it begins…

In honor of my 3 month blogging anniversary today.
Here is my very first blog post.

Writings of a Mrs

So, today I decided to start a Blog, not unlike it seems, the entire free world. 

After searching the internet far and wide, researching for tips from the pro’s on how to set up a Blog, how to successfully write a Blog, how often to write in your Blog, I discovered one major theme across them all.  Have a specific direction or idea.  Have a topic or a purpose. 

They say don’t write about your love of birds, write about a specific bird but you see, I don’t have a bird, most definitely not a specific bird.  I know a little but not a lot about all of the animal kingdom and I also find all of it equally fascinating and worth expressing thoughts and opinions about. 

So let’s get to specifics, boiling it down to a theme, this was a problem.  Yes, I say was because I found the…

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