3 Months of Blogging: 42,000 views, 4050 followers and the ‘Tricks of the Trade’

It is officially my 3 month blogging anniversary is today!

My how time has flown by!

People have been asking me quite often how I got readers and traffic.  People want to know the ‘tricks of the trade’ so to speak.

Well, let’s begin with this.

happy, anniversay, poster

It’s amazing to me that people are always looking for get rich quick schemes and that people actually fall for them.

get rich quick, ad


It’s like those eat grapefruits for an entire month diets and you’ll loose 10 pounds, well you will but you’ve practically starved yourself in the process!  It won’t last, its unsustainable and you walk away from the whole experience feeling more frustrated and more disappointed with yourself then when you started.

We are such an instant gratification society. We want things and we want things now. Don’t get my wrong here, I myself am one of the instant gratification generation of people but I’ve learned some lessons along the way and some of them the hard way.  Hard work and waiting for things to come is always the way to ‘success’.

We want instant results, things to happen right away.  We want to know the tricks and the secrets the shortcuts to get there faster. People want to know what’s up my ‘sleeve’.  (I’ve used this term before in a  suspenseful way) But really there are no magic tricks.

While I have taken steps and action and learned things along the way while working on my Blog (which I will begin to share in installments) it hasn’t been ‘easy’, fast or instant.

*Remember I currently earn no money from my blog, I am not even a .com website to even be eligible to make money from my blog, not that I am apposed to people making money from something they love and are passionate about as long as they aren’t just ‘in it for the money’ and maybe one day I will. Why not?  Don’t most writers want to ‘earn a living’ writing?*

These past few months I have spent countless hours, even on average 6-8 hours a day. 

tired, writer

In the beginning much of this time was spent reading other peoples Blogs which I love! There are so many fantastic writers and topics, one could go on and on to gather fantastic insights and inspirations.

More and more people started commenting on my blog posts and I on theirs, creating a community.  I spent time responding to peoples comments, questions, emails and generally communicating etc.  Again, I loved this, I now find with everything else I have to do it’s hard to keep up with other peoples  blogs and I miss that.

With the launching of my Pay Day Thursdays and Stuff it Tuesday I became extremely busy.  I’ve always loved having too much on my plate when it comes to food and day to day life!  I have emails, planning and scheduling the topics, coordinating times to communicate, collaborating, communications on top of responding to comments and publishing daily, attempting to get my social media sectors up and running (which I love, it’s much easier to stay in touch this way!) and now I have two blogs.

*I’m tired just typing it all out*


I never stuck to the ‘you should only focus on one area and stick to it’ concept as I said in my very first post and it’s worked for me.

Click here to read my very first, introduction post.



When I started my blog I knew nothing about poetry.  I didn’t read poetry, write poetry or care to know much about it.

Actually, I’m not presuming to say that I now know any more since I am terrible with proper structure and style of poetry.  I am definitely into free verse.

I happened to start my blog at the beginning of national poetry month.  I wrote one poem in 2009 while pondering faith and science and I think it was on my fifth post I had no idea what to write about so I took a chance and posted it.

People seemed to like it so I wrote another and then the poetry just kept coming.
Also being that it was National Poetry month when I started, by fluke I found my passion for poetry.

A lot of people were posting poetry even people that didn’t normally write it because of the poetry competitions and challenges . I think this might have helped given that people were reading one anothers poetry posts.  I did not participate in the competitions/challenges myself.

‘The Plan’ 

pla, action, doing

I didn’t have a plan but poetry was not even something I had considered.
It just goes to show that you can only ‘plan’ so far ahead.

Somethings, I would go even as far to say as most things are left for the universe to decide…

trust, life, note

Be true to yourself.  Write about what you know and what inspires you.

The rest will figure itself out.

You all have inspired me so much throughout this journey.  Thank you. Happy anniversary, it is as much yours as it is mine!



red, maple leaf


  1. harulawordsthatserve

    Congratulations! How wonderful that you discovered your love and talent for poetry through blogging. I think that’s super cool. Long may your blog grow and prosper, you’ve worked hard for it and so generously share that with others…good on you!

  2. Creative Mysteries

    I’ve always admired how you reach out with your posts. Although I’ve not yet participated in Pay Day Thursdays or Stuff It Tuesdays, they’re very unique ideas that you put a lot of time into. There’s no shortcut to success, but you’ve clearly earned every reader and follower. Congratulations on your three month milestone! I’m sure there will be many more ahead. 🙂

  3. heathervoid

    Happy anniversary! 🙂 free verse poetry is a great style… all form/meter “rules” were made to be broken… Congratulations on your blog’s success; it’ll only get bigger in the future!

  4. Leo

    Congratulations !!! to tell you the truth, I came back to write and read poetry when I started blogging. After 8 years of silence and block I decided that it was time for me to come back to write, and I did it. It was one of the best things that happened me in the last year.

  5. Morgan

    Thank you so much for this post. It reminds me that what is important is being true to MY calling as a writer and doing what I have been led to do. I am the only one who can walk MY path, after all and as long as I focus on this, on what is true, everything else will fall into place in its perfect time. Thanks for the visual reminder and thanks for speaking directly to me 🙂

  6. Bill Liktor

    Congrats on a great start to blogging fame 😀 It is a lot of work getting something out there that both you enjoy doing as well as others will enjoy reading. But it’s totally worth it.

  7. Mich-in-French

    Incredible well done and congrats! I wish I had more time to spend reading more blogs.I have been blogging for 13 months now, just over 10000 views and 10 followers – it has been a journey of highs and lows, frustrations and joys – it takes discipline and passion to keep going when you are not sure if it’s making a dent in the blogosphere. Ultimately blogging is a means of expression and that comes from passion and hopefully one day it will be more of a career than my current one. Its very encouraging to see how well you are doing – it gives us all a little boost well done!

  8. kabirgandhiok

    Congratulations on the success of your blog 🙂 It was nice of you to stop by my blog to read my poetry, much appreciated 🙂

  9. mishunderstood

    Congrats, Jennifer! I think your success as much to do with your positive attitude. Your blog is upbeat, even though you have approached serious issues. You have a way of reaching out to your audience and you acknowledge others. Your reblog of my post gave me a huge boost in views, likes and new followers. Thanks for letting me have a little ride on your coat tails. I wish you continued success in your writing. 🙂

  10. michaelmulholland

    Congrats and I’m very proud of you…thank you very much for sharing as sharing is a gift…from the mind body and soul, Mitakuye Oyasin, Dohiya my friend, Red Crow.

  11. cbnwali

    This is quite an accomplishment on your part. I actually started blogging in January and have had just above 400 views and 24 comments. I know I would get there some day and one thing has always been constant, the views progressively increase each month. But I really feel wowed by your dedication and accomplishments.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Thank you I appreciate that.
      My stats and views have decreased slightly due to bad links that people have attached (google rating) and an improper citing of an image. But these things happen and it’s a learning process. For me it isn’t about the numbers it’s about putting out there what I need to and want to share along with helping people in the ways that they ask.
      Congrats on your success, keep it up!

  12. J.G. Chayko

    I have two blogs, but because of other writing projects, I can’t devote 6-8 hours a day on either of them. I made myself a weekly schedule for one, and the other I blog when i can. Good for you for going the extra mile to get your blog out there. I am almost at 10,000 views for my blog The Old Lady in My Bones, but when I started it, I started it for me, so my audience is a lovely bonus.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Yes I know how you feel. My second blog has not had much time or attention at all and now I currently spend 2 hours per day (aside from writing) on blogging. But it hasn’t been easy or fast but it has been a pleasure!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • Lynne

      I had wondered what happened to your blog, The Old Lady in my Bones! Loved your first post re: arthritis and “lost” you! Please allow me to follow your blog. I can relate to your story.

  13. Lynne

    Happy Canada Day, Jennifer! “Love” your blog! It is gentle, kind, and thoughtful. You are a talented poet!

  14. Christa Thompson @ChristaTravels

    Girl, my jaw literally dropped when I saw your stats. I almost cried. It is amazing that you have gotten such a following! I have really been trying to focus on my audience lately, much as you mention in this post. Clearly it is the ONLY way to get organic followers. Great work. Running high five for you!

  15. tenaciousbitch

    Jennifer, you’ve really inspired me/GOT ME FIRED UP! I can’t believe what you’ve accomplished in 3 MONTHS! Holy cow! I’ve had a blog on here for 2 years, and my stats aren’t anywhere near yours! So, kudos to you! However, honestly, while my Nana was still living with us (see my latest post: http://tenaciousbitch.com/2013/06/28/still-unhappy-but-there-is-a-dog-named-sue ….on her traumatic move into a nursing home), I don’t think it would’ve been humanly possible for me to read/blog/comment 6-8 hours/day because I spent a good 4/6 hours/day taking care of her, plus, the time involved in eating/showering, etc. :). However, now that Nana is truly in the best place for her right now (because I’m not a nurse, for one), you’ve given me hope!! If your blog can accumulate more than 42,000 views in 3 months, I can definitely boost mine with more time spent reading the blogs of others, etc. I will definitely stayed tuned for any and all hints as to building up one’s readership because I am working on a memoir based on my blog (about how my younger brother, an addict, stole more than $50K from Nana, which is why she ended up living with us…if I’ve already mentioned that, pardon my duplication..it’s kind of a big deal…:))…anyway, THANKS for sharing. Look forward to your future posts! :), and I too, greatly enjoy reading other blogs. I’ve found VERY few that I haven’t liked. There’s seems to be an ABUNDANCE of talent on this site…
    Take care.

  16. Steve Austin

    Well I must say, I am thoroughly impressed, ma’am! I have been blogging for three years (as of this week) and I’m not quite to 60,000 views, but you have inspired me to get moving! Thanks for the tips and keep up the good work! –Steve

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