My Garden of Eden

As I sit here beside her

Snuggled and being together

I am in awe of her beauty

Her sweetness.

She is so lovely

Her long slender fingers

Her elongated neck

The sprinkling of freckles on her nose

Her sun lightened streaks of strawberry blond hair

Her flowery halter dress that she wore when she was four

That she loves to wear now as a shirt.

Her carefully selected earrings

Made to match her outfit

Her long legs, now longer than all of her at age two,

With her painted toes, peeking out from under the blanket

I love her attitude and I love her spunk

I love her helpful and thoughtful nature.
I love the way she so freely dances and sings.

I love her goofy goof ball-ness

I love this little girl.

My little improved carbon copy of me

Laying so sweetly in my arms


 ©Jennifer David 2013

*For my beautiful daughter Eden*



  1. pattytmitchell

    So beautiful- cherish these moments with your girl. I have so many wonderful images in my mind of my little girl, even though she is bigger now, and not so cuddly. My memories sustain me as she begins to enter the angst of being a teen.

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