Moon Shine

The depth of skies

The many eyes

That have, rested upon the nights full moon

The maidens who’s hearts swooned

At the sight

Of the night sky

Gazing upon us, a transcendence of time

Lightning our way with its mysterious shine

Many a wanderer was lost

Huddled with brushes filled with frost

Gazing at the blazing reflection

Of the days sun

Trying to express the magnificence

Of the nights moon

Making many a writer and artist’s heart swoon

A collaboration of artists through time

Expressed in the moons shine


 ©Jennifer David 2013

* Our solar system, most especially the sun and the moon, has been a source of many great ponderings, thoughts, revelations, discoveries, mysteries, frustrations and awe over centuries of time.  A transcendence of inspiration*



  1. Johnny Ojanpera

    Surely you’re compiling your poetry for a book. I think the “supermoon” kept me up writing too late last night. Still cross eyed this morning…

      • Johnny Ojanpera

        I love your poetry, and I would procure your book when available. I’m not sure if the supermoon happened up North, but it was really big and bright here. Here’s a short article about it. I was writing a profile/interview for an indie band -posting soon- and agonizing over an article I’m writing about an unsolved murder. That one is going to take a bit longer to complete; it’s based on over 600 pages of letters and articles, and an interview with the victim’s mother. It’s a rabbit hole type story that has been very challenging to work through. My times to write are sporadic, that’s why I was up all night on Sunday. 🙂

      • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

        Well you are in luck because I am writing a poetry book. A compilation of what I have written thus far 🙂
        I’m happy to hear that you had a productive night. Writing comes and goes.
        Let me know when you’ve completed the article on the unsolved murder. I look forward to reading it!

      • Johnny Ojanpera

        Great! I will be patiently awaiting your book. I should be done with my article in a week or so. Conducting the last interview tomorrow, then publishing. You won’t believe that it’s true.

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  3. pearl

    hey Mrs 🙂

    Its so awe inspiring to av people across continents musing over the SaMe super moon…..
    “A collaboration of artists through time
    Expressed in the moons shine” indeed ..:)


    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Hi Pearl,
      Isn’t it amazing? We so often forget that people are in different time zones and corresponding from all over the world! But we all gaze at the same moon and get warmed by the same sun!
      Welcome to the community,

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