Mumbles and Grumbles


Mumbles and Grumbles

Get over your grumbles

Your quiet voiced mumbles

Life is too short

So hit abort

On your onboard


And fly it

Life is too short

Your quiet voiced mumbles

Get over your grumbles

 ©Jennifer David 2013

Life is too short to hold onto grudges.
So many people walk around mumbling and grumbling beneath their breath.  Often looking for bad and negative situations to occur around them so they can grumble some more.
It saddens me to see people often choosing to hold onto their frustrations.
We tend to live life on autopilot….Image……We have adjusted our settings and set off on that course but often things change in our life and we forget to readjust the settings on the autopilot.  But it’s important to.  Readjusting ones self and ones perspectives is not always easy but the first step to a new perspective is taking charge trying to take hold of the wheel and attempt to fly manually!


Think of the clouds as your mumbles and grumbles.  We need to take control of the plane and fly high above them.
Life is too short to do it any other way.  Try to be more like….

Image… is a choice that you have to make each and every day.


  1. stevehi

    I can almost hear the mumbles and grumbles, But I like your Mr. Grumbles. Life is short, yes indeed !

  2. tjtherien

    perhaps I am mr grumbles and mumbles but not on my own account … I voice my discontent I believe for the betterment of mankind…I think we as a society can be better but if no one speaks up and speaks out (which often comes across as grumbling) then nothing changes and our humanity gets stuck in our apathy….

  3. thirdiradio

    this is outstanding!!! Life really is too short to hold onto grudges. i blog about similar things! check it out! i would love to work with out and link to each others blogs, so that our readers can have even more value, and read the best content!!

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