Finding images to use on your blog can help or hamper your blogging goals

Hi everyone.

I just want to take a moment to share some very helpful information that I came across recently.

I had an issue with using a copyrighted image with out proper permission.ย  I by no means did this intentionally as I am sure many others have done but it was brought to my attention when the photographer approached me.

The issue was resolved simply but I felt terribly about it afterwards especially considering how important I feel it is to respect others work.

My search engine optimization and incoming links took a hit because of it and rightfully so. Please be sure to use images correctly for your own good and for the good of others.

Blogging is a business and you should get all of your facts together if you want to have a blog that pleases and respects everyone, readers, fellow bloggers, search engines and other artists.

This article may help you with the rules when it comes to images and proper citation and the different resources available to help you attain free to use images.



    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I think so too. So many of us (myself included) decide that one day we want to start a blog but there is so much to learn and research in regards to blogging principles, rules, copyrights, etiquette, search engines etc!
      Please feel free to re blog so people can give it a read.

  1. Kenneth Jobe

    Very good information. I have also had an issue where I ignorantly just grabbed an image from Google and plastered on my blog. I was quickly brought to task and have just quit putting images on the site in the meantime. Now I have an idea what I can use and what I can’t, thanks for this!

  2. Aeryk

    When you’re starting out it’s easy to just grab an image that works and be done with it. I know I’ve done it. Now I do one of two things: First, I’ll do a search and get an idea and go take a similar picture. Second, I use to get inexpensive, royalty free artwork. There are lots of different sites that offer royalty free art, and it’s well worth checking them out. I chose Pond5 because my budget is in the tens of dollars and Pond5 gives me the most choice in that range.

  3. zara M.

    thank you for mentioning this subject as i was thinking about it today while searching for images to use for my posts .
    best regards

  4. rsmithing

    Say, have you ever tried searching via Flickr for Creative-Commons-licensed images? Plenty to choose from there, and you can’t beat the price (free, with attribution).

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