It could have been me

but it’s not

The lessons I learned

I long forgot

We all have a shot at this life

No time to struggle or strife

But time to use the perspective lens

Examine those bothersome trends

Well wishes for distant friends

I take a little from there

And bring it with me here

To where I’m going to be

Life is about choices

Trying on our different voices

Finding the one that fits

So that you can sing

Your song


©Jennifer David 2013


There are many different times through out our life when we have to make choices and decisions.  Some are simple, when the path seems clear and some are challenging when the path looks bumpy.  I truly believe that there is a purpose for everyone’s life and although at times we may feel directionless or that all of the paths seem questionable, we are on it for a reason.   We may have even made decisions that leave us wondering where the path has gone. There are lessons to be learned in each step.  Sometimes you just need to brush away the rubble to see where you are at and that is usually right where you need to be.

Writings of a Mrs

purpose, paper, find


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  2. jodiwoody

    Well said, sometimes the path we end up on isn’t even close to the one we started on. That can be a good thing or a bad thing…

  3. Eden

    If we stop trying to choose right or wrong as absolutes to a destination and start looking at each step as a precious destination in itself and the journey we are taking, usually we discover we’ve ended up going the right way all along.

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