Exclamation points, a childrens poem

I over use exclamation points!

It must be my passion trying to pour out of me.

I really don’t mean to yell.

I often feel like a young child, bouncing up and down trying so patiently to not interrupt. Big eyes looking up longingly, waiting for the right time, unsure when that is, all the while pulling and tugging at arms and pants to help hold back the words, until it erupts, interrupts.

It’s exciting to write and it’s exciting to be alive!

So I will over use my exclamation marks!

Live with passion.

Live the life that you were meant to live.

Be alive.

Pour over into the lives of those around you.

Cup of Water

Pitter, patter

Chitter, chatter

What’s the matter?

Father, father I need some water

Scitter, scatter

Teeter, totter

Daughter, daughter, here’s your water

“Dedicated to my husband, the Father of the Daughter that gave the cup of water, many a night!”


photo props: http://www.ecoproducts.com/powerpoint_slides.html




    • writingsofamrs

      Thank you I appreciate the gesture and compliment but I have over 500 followers and I think you need to have under 300. Wouldn’t that be against the rules?

      • moorme02

        hmmm it said you only had just over 200 when I looked? Not really sure the rules are strict about it?!?! It’s all for fun right 😀

  1. Comfortably Numb

    such a cute poem 🙂 -Btw If youve just had a bunch of likes from me in a short space of time its because I read them on your homepage first so its not because Im skimming lol

    • writingsofamrs

      Hi there,
      Well either way do as you will, skim or read, it’s up to you.
      I’m glad you liked the poem it was fun to write with the kids playing around.

  2. annette48

    Thanks for your ‘like’. I love your simple, plainspoken expressions! (and there, an exclamation point of my own!..ooops! there are more!) As a mom (of grown children, but a mom, never the less) and as a lab owner, I see familiar things in your lovely work. Nicely done! (…and another)

    • writingsofamrs

      Hi Elizabeth.
      Thank you. This one warmed my heart and made me smie while I wrote it.
      Our ‘little’s’ giggled when I first read it to them, that was adorable!

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  4. whosthefarris

    I had to laugh as I was looking through your blog, because, I, too, LOVE explanation points!! I guess it’s part of a joyful, passionate existance! Glad to find an exclamation point soul sister!

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