By the Fire

Sitting by the fire

It pops and crackles

Snapping like a crispy cracker

Except louder

Each crackle

And pop makes my heart stop

Makes me want to burst into flames

A burning pain

In my soul

That I rarely show

Or reveal

Even to myself

A bubbling burn

Lessons to be learned

But what?

Rational thought escapes me

As the smoke rises

To the sky

To hover high above

The place I sit and fume

A fume less odor

Burdens to shoulder

As I get older

But I let them burn

And I let them rise

Higher then heavens skies

Sitting by the fire

As life


Before me

 ©Jennifer David 2013



  1. simplyMohit

    A fire burns inside us all the time. It does not allow us to stop, gives us the reason to keep fighting for what hasn’t been achieved yet. A wonderful poem 🙂

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