Little Dogs, in Little Purses

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Little Dogs, In Little Purses

(a children’s poem for a children’s book)

Little dogs

In little purses

Little bows and diamond collars

In little purses worth a million dollars!


Carrying dogs all around

While shopping through the town

Little furry doggy paws

Are made to be on the ground!


I like my dogs big

It’s more preferred

Dogs in purses,

Are so absurd.


I like my dogs big

Their furry coats all a-shag

Chasing them around

Like a game of tag


Their big heads hanging out of the car

Chewing and licking at the air in their face

Silly big dogs always think they’re in a race!

Put the window up a little more, just encase!


Little dogs

In little purses


Big dogs

With fetch stick LOGS

But no matter the dog

Whichever size you prefer

There is no better companion

than your own bundle of fur.

 © Jennifer David

We love dogs of all shapes and sizes. I thought this might be a fun children’s poem to share with you.

Do you have a dog?

A little one or a big one?

Do you carry it around in a purse?

Or let them hang their slobbery tongues out of the window?

Share your puppy love today!  What is your dogs name and what is your favorite thing about your dog?

Here are some of the pups we’ve had in our family.





Maya, she loves the car!



  1. dmauldin53

    I have 1 Rat Terrier that will chew the ankles off any strange male that comes near our home. I have 1 Jack Russell Terrier/Rat Terrier mix that will run from anything. A very nervous dog. I have an old cur dog outside that my daughter left with me, when she married and moved out. They are all three loves of my life. 🙂

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Awww they sounds fantastic!
      Otis is part terrier/part 😉
      Although I poked fun in the poem at little dogs (makes for s fun, silly illustrated book) I do love little dogs and I love that people care enough to spend their time, attention and money on taking good care of their pets as it should be.

  2. thelikelydragon

    I can picture your poem as an illustrated story so well! Also your dogs are adorable. I’m hoping we can add a dog to our family soon – though it probably won’t fit in a purse 🙂

  3. Minty

    Cute poem and cute dogs, especially Otis (i just fell in love!). I don’t have a dog but I have a cat that likes to play tag; (if that counts 🙂

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  5. reocochran

    Such a sweet poem! I had a lab/German shepherd mix dog for 7 years, my ex got custody for the past 7 years, now he is happy in Doggy Heaven. I do like the movie, “All Dogs Go To Heaven!” (Huey Lewis and the News contributed their music, too! Nice fun and interactive comments here!

  6. livelaughloveblogforever

    Our sixty five pound golden girl would love to be carried around in a purse! I absolutely love her, she is full of character and a constant source of entertainment. She’s great inspiration for my recently launched blog, and certainly great company when I am working on it. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend that our dog needs a new four-legged friend. It’s a difficult task.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Aww she sounds adorable 🙂
      Our black lab Maya is so sweet. She plays fetch, loves the car and listens so well. ❤ She is the best dog ever.
      @ big dogs tend to knock things over, the calmest of dogs suddenly become active! It's a big decision!

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