It’s never the work of one…

chuck palahniuk, quote, Invisible Monsters,So very true.




  1. raimo2

    All the way back to the protoplasmal, primordial globule. We are all connected, with the dead as well as with the living, with other species as well as our own. We are all responsible for each other. How nice it would be if we actually lived up to that ideal.

  2. stargazerxtina

    yes but no, everyone needs to realize they each have their own very special but unique soul, annd we are all one -I know it’s confusing I’m still grasping that lol
    I agree with you, but don’t just feel you are a result of everyone else’s experiences, none of it can exist without you, you create the wonderful and powerful you πŸ™‚ God Bless

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