‘Soul y’ Me

Do not define me

Do not limit my possibilities

Do not tell me who I am

Who I will become

Or Where I am headed

Do not put limitations on what I can become,

What I can achieve,

What I can accomplish!

Do not attempt to understand me

Or analyze me

Or pick apart and criticize me

You will only ever know

What I decide to show

I am so much more

Then you could ever fathom

I am far too random

To be compartmentalized

To be boxed in a box

To be contained with locks

Do not try to define me

For there is no definition

For who I will become

There was no one like me

Before me

Or after me

For I am me

The one,

The only

‘Soul y’


*Be you, everyone else is taken.*


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  2. leecleland

    ‘be you, everyone else is taken’ so true and yet how many still try to be like someone else !
    Thoughtful and food for thought.

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