Come on over. I need your help for a moment.

Hi everyone.

I hope that you all had a wonderfully happy, relaxing, fulfilling and creative weekend.

I hate to be a bother on an already bothersome Monday but I’m putting together my poetry e book and I would like some input from you all.

If you could take a moment to let me know which poems you would really like to see in my e book I would be very grateful.   Do you have a favorite?  One that stood out from the rest for you? If so why?  I may put these comments to use…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and for taking the time to comment and share.  You all are awesome!


(Writings of a Mrs)


  1. Kate Burton

    My suggestion with putting together a poetry book, might be unwelcomed — but I will just tell you what I was taught…so when you put together a book of poetry, you have two options: 1. So and So’s Collection of Poetry 19XX- 2013. Or the second option is a book of poetry, which you title after one of your poems in the book, or whatever you want. Anyway, the first way, the collection, you could easily just put together all your favorite poems (and what other people seem to like – which you are seemingly trying to gauge) and organize them in no specific order. VaLa – a collection of poetry! Or the second way, is a little more complicated, and takes more time…that is each poem connects with the next poem, and within this connecting it connects to the bigger theme, which is the book of the poetry. Some poets have organized their books of poetry, in movements. Others in topics. Others in Narratives. Or as David Barber wrote, (the Atlantic Monthly Poetry Editor) in constellations. I hope this helps.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Hi Kate.
      Thank you for your thoughts and ideas for compilation. They are very helpful.
      I already have a title, outline and formatting ready.
      I just want to see what poems my readers would like to have in the book and their opinions on how each piece spoke to them….for reasons I can’t reveal just yet 😉

  2. D

    Innocuous Dream, Death and Flies, The map, Exposed,Night lights,The Mask
    The darkest of rains and the The Vault of the Exalted 🙂

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