PAY DAY Thursday: Not your typical book Review with Jade Reyner

Welcome to Another Installment of Pay Day Thursdays.  This week I am doing a book character interview to help promote Jade’s new book Twelve Days: The Beginning.  She is an author and the blogger for  Jade’s Jungle.

AnnMarie 4-1

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Jade Reyner and I am from Wiltshire in the United Kingdom.

What is the main focus of your blog?

It is about my self-publishing journey so I usually blog about writing related issues although I do like to include some technology and animal related posts too.

*Your FANTASTIC book!*

If you could do anything now, what would you do? Why?

I would find a cure for Autism and its related conditions. This condition is seriously debilitating and not greatly understood. My youngest son is severely affected.

What is the secret to a happy life?

Loving yourself, believing in yourself and finding your soul mate.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Watch my son being rushed to hospital and seeing his condition decline – not knowing whether or not he would survive. It doesn’t come much harder than that.

*That would be hard to have to go through!*

Where do you find serenity?

In water and nature. I love sitting in the sunshine beside a river, hearing the wildlife going about their business and the water flowing along. That, to me, is peace.

What was the worst job you ever had and why was it so bad?

I once worked in a very up-market hotel. It was ridiculously hard, physical work and if you stopped for one second, there was usually someone jumping on you because you had taken a breath. It was unlike any other hotel that I had worked at before, or since.

*Ugg sounds brutal!*

What’s your idea of a good time?

These days (I am just about to turn 40!), it’s a hot bath, a good book and a cup of tea with hubby and cuddles with the boys.

*I will be 38 forever Jade..FOREVER*

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

I would ensure that everyone in my family had enough to set themselves up for life and make sure that my eldest son had everything he needed to get himself on the right road for his future. I would do all the conversions that we need for our youngest son and ensure that he has the best care out there to give him the best shot at life. I would definitely give to charities, probably Autism, children’s and animal charities.

*Fantastic answer I feel silly now, I wanted to go to Italy with the money!*

Are there any words of wisdom you’d like to share?

I don’t consider myself to be wise – I guess one thing I have learned over the years is that there is always hope, even though sometimes it feels like the world has deserted you.

*Re read everything above Jade. I would say that you are one wise lady*

Jade Reyner

Twelve days – The Beginning is a powerful book about love, desire, betrayal and hope and is the first in the brand new Twelve Days series.



Elise Grayson lives a life that no one should have to. To those on the outside she appears to have it all; a lovely home, a successful career, a gorgeous best friend – but all of that is just a facade; a disguise which hides the true ugliness of her life. There is only one person who knows the truth – her best friend Cole Andrews – and, with his support she gets through her day to day existence – just.

Twelve Days before Christmas she meets Vaughn Granger and, almost immediately, she becomes engulfed in a passionate love affair which challenges everything that she has ever known.

By Christmas Day, the events of those preceding twelve days have changed both of their lives irrevocably and whilst Elise begins to find the courage to leave the ugliness behind, there are forces at work outside of her control which are fighting against her future and preventing her from moving forwards.

In that brief twelve day period she finds her world turned upside down and ultimately her life in danger, as friends become enemies and fear, betrayal and addiction form part of everyday life.

The repercussions of those twelve days begin to have a shattering impact on the lives of everyone around them and now Vaughn and Elise must fight their own powerful struggles if there is to be any hope of a future.

They both know that those twelve days must represent the beginning of a new era, but before the past can be finally left behind, a decision has to be made which in the end has consequences that are more far reaching and emotionally devastating than either one of them could ever have foreseen.

Jade Reyner

In an attempt to help you get to know the characters a little better and to leave you with some intrigue here is an interview that I have with the main characters.

Let’s Begin with Vaughn
How did you make your money? 
That’s not important.
Do you consider yourself to be dominant?
I go after what I want, I know what I want and I get what I want. If that makes me dominant, so be it.
Why are you still single?
I’d rather not answer that question. Let’s just say I have my reasons.
What did you do before you worked at Andrews and Andrews.
I was overseas.
Would you care to elaborate?
Jade Reyner
And now let’s get to know Elise
What do you keep in your wardrobe?
What an odd question. Clothes, shoes – the usual stuff. Oh, and last year’s Christmas wrapping paper.
You seem to be very private, you don’t confide in people much. Why is that?
I am used to dealing with issues on my own. I’ve had to learn to be independent, more so than I would have liked to have been. If I rely on others, I know that they will eventually let me down. It’s easier if I don’t let people in.
Why do you let Cole in?
I don’t know. We just click. He knows me almost better than I know myself, with him, I am truly me.
So how come you have a relationship with Vaughn then? What about Cole and what about your marriage vows?
This is getting personal now.
I know, but it’s important. We need to understand your motives.
Ermm… well, I suppose Cole is too precious to me, I never want to be without him in my life. Vaughn – he just blows me away. As soon as I met him I recognised someone who would challenge me but also protect me and that is a huge attraction. He wanted me and I wanted to be wanted. It was that simple. It’s been a long time. And as for my marriage, I am not going there…
Jade Reyner
Thank you for reading this installment of Pay Day Thursdays The Pay back collaboration.  You can find more information about Pay Day Thursdays here.
I strongly urge you to buy Jade’s book (please go to her blog for more information on how to purchase it ) snuggle up on the couch and get ready for a good read.  Make sure you have a cup of hot tea or coffee and a little bottle of something-something to add to it during the intense bits!
Thank you Jade ( for the great write and I look forward to the second installment of your series!


  1. jadereyner

    Thank you so much Jennifer for your kind words and the opportunity to share in your blog space for a while! And yes everyone, buy my book …. it’s GOOD! 🙂 Ha ha.

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