Death and Flies


Sketch: Coeur d’Alene



Taken and forsaken.

She will remember

Do not be mistaken

That you see death and flies

When you look into her eyes.

But she was ripped and shipped

She was taken and forsaken

Jennifer David

One of the greatest injustices that we do to one another is assume that we know the story behind other peoples eyes.

Be kind to people.  So many have been through things that we can not even begin to imagine.

For some it shows in their eyes but for others they have sadly learned to hide it away.

Everyone has a story but don’t assume you know whats in the book if you haven’t even attempted to read it.

Have compassion for one another.




  1. Lynne

    I read on a site-If we could only wear signs that got right to the point ie: I am doing the best I can, I just want to belong, etc. People might be able to feel and see the pain, longing and sadness, showing compassion and empathy for the individual. Great Post, Jennifer!

    • jguenther5

      Well, there’s no law against wearing signs. Or buttons or badges. Or several buttons or badges. I’ve often considered getting one that reads, “This is NOT the complaint department.”

  2. Ms. Vee

    This really hit an emotional spark within me. Archives (Do you wear blinders of a façade) you will have a better understanding. The poem speaks volumes!

  3. clisawork

    Hi – I live by Coeur d’Alene (the place and maybe the person to:-) so this caught my eye. Just wondering about the line “But she was ripped and shipped” It seems like a break in the poem from the previous line. I’m having trouble making the the connection between that and the previous line. Very true though and the drawing is really lovely.

  4. Johnny Ojanpera

    The poem is beautiful, the poem and the sketch together make this haunting and so true. I’m afraid that I have learned to hide my story away so I can appear strong and unwavering. I do well for long periods, but it always ends in exhaustion. I’ll get it worked out eventually. Thank you for affecting so many.

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