Wetted Diamond

‘I have a dream!’

Was the great American proclamation

Martin Luther King Jr. had eyes to see what was,

What would be

And what would become

So clear

Like a wetted diamond




How does one attain such unwaivering trust in your purpose?

To proclaim for freedom and equality of people has to stir

Generations of people’s energy into your cause and your mission

But he had a vision

He trusted every time

He trusted every word

He trusted his voice

He trusted his purpose

Imagine if he hadn’t?

Imagine if he, on the big day of the speech,

He decided that he was too tired

Or nervous

Or afraid

Of what people might say

Or do

He did not waiver

He was a wetted diamond

Would you dig, for days at a time?

In the worst conditions of diamond mine

To find

Your pristine diamond

Would you hand it over to another?

For their use not your own?

And if you some how found your diamond

Would you maintain its clarity?

Through your actions

Would you trust in it’s sparkle and shine?

Would you know that it is the most valuable gemstone

On our earth

Would you treat it as such?

Would you dig, for days at a time?

In the worst conditions of a diamond mine

To find

Your wetted diamond

Would you treat it as such?


      • fragmentsofretrospect

        It seems like such an easy question which should produce an even more straightforward answer. I’m impassioned by so many things, it’s hard to single out any particular goals or dreams. What I’m saying is, it would be easier for me to mention twenty dreams than just one, which would seem such a waste. In the end, I think the dream really consists of the longing for the goal and the working towards it, rather than the actual destination. Once reached, it’s most appreciated by looking back on the plodded path to salvation. I can’t help but share the (translated) words of a very old song I have heard once.

        Suppose I would build castles in the air
        And suppose my God doesn’t exist at all
        In the dream everything is brighter and better
        In a dream the sky is bluer than blue

        Suppose I shall never reach my goal
        Suppose my ship will never reach shore
        It’s not about whether I’ve arrived
        As long as the way is a sun-soaked path

  1. Wordifull Melanie

    What if he hadn’t, indeed. This piece really made me stop and think about the thinks we put off with little excuses everyday. Thank you I appreciate anything/anyone who makes me pause to think.

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