2 Months, 30,000 views and 3,200 followers!

It has been 2 beautiful months!  My, how the time has flown by!


It has been quite  the journey thus far!  I have a poetry e book in the works and my Tuesday Stuff it ‘Storetries’ for collaborating and challenges that I will publish along with everyone’s submissions and blog references!  If you’d like to participate please look for the ‘Storetries’ in my blog posts and there is a Stuff it Challenge Tab on my main page.  I have also started a second http://writingsofamrsmommy.wordpress.com blog that is more aimed at family life (I have 8 kids) and what not that is now 2 weeks in with 3,800 views and 900 followers, it’s looking to beat this blogs records with companies approaching me with free sample offers in exchange for reviews and free giveaways to my readers!


I am so thankful that I started this journey and I can’t find the words to encourage you all to continue on with following your dreams!  Keep writing!

Please check out my Facebook Page where you can find funny and inspiring quotes and photos of my day to life etc https://www.facebook.com/writingsofamrsjenniferand my Twitter account https://twitter.com/writingsofamrs

Please take a look at my Awards Tab on my main page.  So many people have been nominating me for blogging awards and I would like you to take a moment to check out their blogs.  I thought I would leave you with some 25 Random Facts About Myself.

1. I choose only the most flavorful chips from the chip bag and lay them out in preparation for consumption.

2. I don’t know nearly as much as I would like to.

3. I’ve overcome a lot of circumstantial hardships and I am, all the happier because of it.

4. I have a fear/phobia of paper cuts.

5. My husband and I are both GROSSED OUT by worms and their smell. *gag*

6. I think I am funny and I make myself laugh.

7. I would rather watch my family decorate the Christmas tree than participate.

8. I WILL have my cake and eat it too!

9. I always wanted a large family.

10. I cook because I have to not because I want to.

11. I love the smell and look of my freshly bathed and ‘jammied’ children.

12. Jigsaw puzzles FRUSTRATE me.

13. I am not the ‘stay at home’ type(baking, arts & crafts, playful, maternal)of Mom at heart but I choose to be because it matters to me.

14. I would go to a movie every week if I could.

15. I have a love hate relationship with my curls.

16. I always mess up sayings ex. I always thought it was Dandy Long Legs instead of Daddy Long Legs or which one is right… I’m confused now.

17. I don’t like the crust on toast OR pizza.

18. I’m really proud of the man my brothers become.

19. My family makes me happy.

20. I enjoy having a drink at the end of the day. (is it the end of the day yet?)

21. I love looking into a roaring fire.

22. I used to play teacher/school with my stuffed animals when I was a child. My favorite part was grading the papers/tests.

23. I like watching hockey.  I’m a Toronto fan and yes I like the fighting too!

24. Alex is my best friend with life long benefits!

25. I can’t spell! (I’ve gotten better though, I still always mess up the spelling of exercise GRRRR)


  1. mydogblog09

    Wow that’s amazing! My blog has been going for twice as long and I have no where near that amount of views or followers!


  2. kdavisfanclub

    so much to congratulate you for, Jennifer! Well done, what an achievement! Such a successful blog! Thank you for sharing so much, it has been lovely finding out more about you and your precious family, my wife and I particularly agree with how lovely it is to smell the bathed and jammied children (we have a team effort at bath time as they’re wriggly!). I know you have to be a parent when you believe your child’s washed hair smeels like love! Well done, m’lady, kind regards from Baldy 🙂

  3. 1writeplace

    So, little Mrs., we are waiting for your next post on how we can achieve such success!? So proud of you! Please do share your tips so we can all have such awesome anniversaries. Hugs, Patti

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