Vintage Player

vintage, machine, video player, poem, reel, 90th birthday

The video player we used to watch old family movies this past weekend in celebration of Alex’s Granddads 90th birthday

Vintage video player

Projecting memories

Of a long lost time

Youth dances and plays

In long lost magical ways

Images jerking, glitching

Black and white

Choppy in the reel

The images seem unreal

Youth playing

Energetic and free

A lifetime of moments caught

In a plastic reel

How can I see you then?

And see you now

The man you’ve become

The life you’ve led

The many gifts of life,


And lessons

That you’ve bestowed

Upon your family

My family

We sit and gaze at the grainy people

Barely visible to us

Barely knowable to us

But as clear for you

As your then 40 year old eyes, could see

It’s a reminder of your age

Decades of life caught in images

Played on a vintage machine

Memories of a vintage man

The head of the family clan

Longevity doesn’t seem so long

As we sit

As we watch

A lifetime of memories

On the vintage video machine

Images of a lifetime I’ve never seen


  1. Master's Slave

    Remember the days between the last time he saw your naked movie and the night he told you he hadn’t been happy for months. And don’t ask yourself what your life meant to him. Save the songs you know you’ll never be able to listen to again.

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