Paper Doll


Paper Doll

Paper doll hair

Held on with paper squares

Make belief shoes

To hide her fold away blues

Flimsy and fake

Help on with tape

Tear able,


Disposable dolls

Throw away accessories

Cut out paper worries,

The hectic flurry

Of activity in a hurry

Inability to stand

With paper purse in hand

With her Paper doll hair

And her blank paper stare


    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      It’s hard to say. The girls loved dolls and Barbie and they are well rounded, athletic, smart and modest girls. It’s hard to know how much of an influence toys are versus the influence of those around them…

      • far but not away

        I guess paper dolls are not (anymore) so spread in Europe. You’re right, there is a lot of influences in life.
        Just thinking of those kids fulfilling again and and the same blank pattern (it’s some “new” trend in Germany).Still love your poem πŸ™‚

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  2. srennick12

    I remember the fascination with my paper dolls all too well- you have captured their essence and the prim exposure we had to dress them up and down as we like- fun topic!

  3. Joshua A. Woodard

    I like this poem.I think it would be better without the rhymes To me, there appears to be an underlying metaphor in the poem, but, reading other’s comments, many seem to take the poem literally. Am I reading too deeply into the poem?

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Not at all Joshua. It is a metaphor. Although, I attempted to pen it in a manner that could be interpreted either way.
      I’m a stickler for ryhme. I have a hard time breaking completely away from it. But I’m exploring my writing…
      I will attempt to write a poem completely rhyme free just for you, how’s that? Watch for it…

      • Joshua A. Woodard

        There are people who love their rhymes! I think that rhymes fit well in some poems, but take away from others. It all depends on the poem.

        I’m going to be watching to make sure you keep your promise!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I’ve had many discussion with other poets on how poetry is suppose to have a literal meaning always, never left for interpretation, which I disagree with, so I am attempting ways to solidly display this point..

  4. cjlangley

    Loved this poem…definitely captures a feeling that I think many women have in varying degrees. I’m sure it will stick with me…the feeling and the poem!

  5. Wordifull Melanie

    Very nice. To many women try to be this unrealistic ideal, airbrushed, flawless thing that media promotes, men lust after and girls beat themselves up for not being.
    Especially liked your ending… “her blank paper stare”

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