Cyber Eyes, a poem of gratitude

This journey has been so fulfilling for me.  I am so thankful to have found my ‘voice’ and even more so that you all want to hear it.  I was going to keep this post for tomorrow (It will be my one month blogging anniversary!)  But I don’t want to wait.

I noticed a comment on my blog today from heresnews  She mentioned that she would have her ‘cyber eyes’ on me and it sparked the passion for this poem.  Take a moment to check out her blog.  Please remember to take the time to write the things that you are thinking when you read peoples work.  It makes the world of difference to the person (myself included) to know that you have read what they wrote.

Thank you all for being such a great source of inspiration and encouragement to me. And…… the poem.


Cyber Eyes


You have your cyber eyes

I realize

That all I say and all I do

Can impact you

Cyber eyes that penetrate



What they expect to realize

You with your cyber eyes

Glowing brightly


Like the sunrise

You have helped me to realize


That I really like your Cyber Eyes!



  1. dcardiff

    I love your use of end rhyme and internal rhyme. The message in the following lines is very powerful:

    I realize

    That all I say and all I do

    Can impact you

    Some posters do not think of this before they press the ‘send’ button. It’s easy to hide behind a cloak of anonymity.


  2. Michele D'Acosta

    Jennifer, so heartwarming to read your words about finding your ‘voice’. You are a source of inspiration to me and thousands of folks who have their gentle cyber eyes on you 🙂 I congratulate you. Michele

  3. djpr2001

    This is awesome! It’s easy to forget sometimes that we’re not alone out here just pouring our hearts out for no one in particular. That’s the reason I started my blog to begin with years ago, someone (a young lady) had read some of my darker pieces, back when i was trying to “find myself” and they touched her and helped her find some peace she’d been missing just knowing that you really do come out the other side stronger for the struggle. Thank you for sharing this and lovely work!

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  5. jangawol

    that was a great post and I love the way you turned cyber eyes and made a poem of it, what gave you the idea to do that? I think I’m going to have to keep my cyber eyes on you too, looking forward to seeing more posts from you!!
    Happy 1 month blogging anniversary as well!

  6. clawfish

    two months of blogging time does fly and those cyber eyes are watching or as i feel we are family wordpress , keep on blogging all the best

  7. sarahcolliver

    I cannot believe that you have only been on this journey for a month! You seem so sure of what you are doing and have an infinite collection of words…as well as your busy life – what is your secret? Do you have a magic clock which allows more minutes in a day? You have so many who follow your words and comment on your thoughts – a huge achievement in such a small window of time. Thank you for inspiring and spurring me on! Keep doing your thang! 🙂

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Hi Sarah.
      Actually I will be coming up on 2 months on June 1st. I republished this post, it’s from a few weeks ago. I didn’t realize that it made reference to the date. I’ve been quite sick so I’ve been taking it easy for the past few days..and republishing older posts that I feel a lot of followers hadn’t had the chance to read.
      There are definitely not enough hours in the day, ever. Dishes get left undone on occasion or I am often walking around and playing with the kids etc. with my laptop in hand.
      As for the poetry it tends to just come on. I write when I get inspired. I refuse to sit and stare at a blank page waiting for an idea to come on…but I also don’t take time to edit or play with the poems. I really should take the time to learn proper poetry structure but like you said there are only so many moments in a day so I will stick with free form for now as it seems to be working just fine.
      I never gave this passion of mine for writing, inspiring others and poetry a chance. I told myself 6 months of dedication and then I would step back and see where it’s at.
      Now I am looking to publish an e book of my poetry and to start on a novel.
      It’s funny the direction that life can take you…
      Keep writing, I will indeed!

      • sarahcolliver

        Jennifer, I hope you are feeling better. I certainly know what you mean about juggling life! I too love to write and after my Mum died suddenly I found it a compulsion and had scraps of paper everywhere! I am more calm now, but it was my therapy at the time and helped me out of a dark dark place! I still think about writing a lot but do not devote enough time to it really. I have published two of my short stories on Amazon, it is always lovely when you get genuine feedback and people say that you have touched their lives. I am very new to WordPress and cannot even imagine how you get thousands of followers! Do you simply reblog older stuff- to capture people that may have missed it? I am a rookie really!! Anyway, it is lovely to connect with you and I hope that you are feeling better now.
        Take Care

      • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

        Feel free to email me Sarah 🙂
        I generally never republish over very rarely I try to keep everything fresh.
        That’s great publishing 2 short stories!
        Did they sell well?
        That’s a whole new area of learning that I will have to do..

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