Antique set

I was sitting at my make up table this morning getting ready for the day and I was inspired to write, yet again.

It comes on like a song that keeps repeating itself until you finally sing and dance to it then maybe, just maybe it will pass and leave you be.

I think my mind has turned into poetry.

Such a different perspective.  Photographers have lenses, they can adjust and use to alter a frame.  As a writer I never heard the song of poetry, as I focused on fact and insight, intellect.

Now everything has song and beauty to it.

All of my thoughts become poetry.

I think differently lately.

I see differently lately.

I am different lately.

Antique set


Sitting at the make up table

of my antique set

where many a lady sat.

What did she feel?

What did she see?

Did she see me looking back

in the mirrored reflection?

Did she wonder about the same things,

have the same concerns?

Did she hum a tune as she brushed her hair,

Watching beauty fade?

Wondering where the time went,

looking into her self for the answers.

Questioning her own eyes?


Or maybe she didn’t ask,

maybe she didn’t dare to question

who she was,

for she knew the answers

of who she was,

and who she would always be.

You were who you were born to be

nothing more,

nothing less.

Like a piece in a game of chess.

There was no choice.

Oh, antique woman sitting in my chair.

I wish I could brush your hair.

Give you the futures sense of aware,

a sense of being you wouldn’t share.

I am so thankful to live in a day and age that supports growth, especially as a woman, becoming who you are not what society says you need to be.

Have a great day being you, the fantastic, unique individual that you are.


      • greg kavander

        Yeah, I’ve been playing for quite a while now – probably 30 years. Interestingly, like your poems, the songs tend to write themselves these days. I only write instrumental tunes for jamming, but now, I hear a chord in my head long before I can find it on the guitar. Very odd. guess that’s what 30 years gets you. Do you play?

      • writingsofamrs

        No I don’t. I played clarinet in highschool, that’s about it. But I like to listen.
        It’s definitely a trust thing blogging and sharing writing. I held my breath today when I posted Modern Man but I geuss we have to all learn to listen to the words and trust in our selves, our intuition, lay it all out there.

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