I’m going with him

I can’t stop my grin

My smurk

The way my knees jerk

When I think of him

I get all jittery

Like a 30’s jitterbug

Jitterbugging to our love song

Still going strong

After all of these years

After all of these tears

Then you appear

You are him

And I am me

Perfectly happy

I am going with you

All I ever long to do

Is have more time with you

All of our lives through

Shared, time spared

For those around us

That love us

That we love

But you

It’s you

It’s always been you

You’re Him

The one that makes my love jitterbug

Makes my knees shake

Makes my earth quake

Every kiss, every breath of mine you take

Your eyes see so far into me

So completely

It’s me

You’re you

You’re him


He’s coming to see me

To bring me

To our secret place

Wrapped in our shared space

Gazing into your face

Your eyes so green

I see possibilities I’ve never seen

In you

With you,

You’re coming

You’re him

I’m me

All I long to see

To know

To show

Myself to,



It’s always been him

I’m going with him.

And I can’t stop my grin.


Sunrise rowboat during a grown up time away at the cottage with Him



      • anshulstefandre

        Aww thats so sweet.. Something to dedicate you and your him;)

        words are nothing but sounds in the air
        you mix them with feelings
        and they convey the emotions
        some easily available but some rare….

        the words of feelings are delicate than the heart
        that contains them
        hence, caution is important
        in mixing words with ’em emotions

        Love sees no justice
        there isn’t a quantity
        knows no boundary
        just love him with all your capacity….


  1. The Running Son

    I am clapping. There are turns and things. and it just flowed along. Not a necessary, but a good quality.
    The picture at the end. Really good job. and a leap… i’d say. from the others?
    You write more poems. We’ll leave judging to non-“amer- ‘i-can’ other-worldly crazies. 😉

  2. sarahcolliver

    Loved this as it also captures how I feel about my husband of 14 years…how lucky are we? x Thanks again for some inspirational words xx

  3. 1WriteWay

    I love this poem for many reasons, but the first because I read it and think of my Him. We’ve been together continuously since June 1986 (married in August 1989). It hasn’t always been easy, but at the core of our relationship, I feel: life without Him is unimaginable, life with Him is all I need and could ever want. On a silly note, it’s cool that Him and you are in a rowboat. For us, it would be a canoe, but my happiest pictures of Him are when He is outdoors, in nature. Lovely poem.

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      We have been going to Alex’s family’s cottage since we met. There is this old green metal row boat that we often go out on he just rows let’s me sit and gaze at him. It’s so much nicer and more intimate than being on the sail boat…
      Yes. there is just something about nature isn’t there?

  4. jjspina

    Awww so sweet! He is a lucky man as are you a lucky woman to share such a love. Keep it close to your heart always. Best wishes. Lovely poem!

  5. samue1son

    Holy shit. I landed on your page by accident. I write, I love writing but I hate it too at times. I read stuff.., so much STUFF and it’s all so “oh check me out and my really complicated poetry” but this my dear blogging page person.., this is what we would refer to in England as “the dogs bollocks”. This piece of writing is honest and I’ll be damned if I read that much honesty. I’ve never met you and never intend to but this page smells of love. There aren’t many pieces of writing that convince me of love. Well done. Bloody well done.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Thank you so much. Yours is by far my favorite comment of all time. Such kind words. It is all I hope for to express emotion through my writing. So thank you for happening upon my writing, enjoying it and taking the time to share with my your thoughts.

  6. wbdeejay

    Beautiful words.
    You are very fortunate to
    have those feelings and thoughts!
    I wish my battlefield would clear
    So I too could feel that way.

  7. nuttyblurt

    Hey there “Mrs”! I love your genuine style with this poem! You’re sleeve must love wearing your heart on it 😉 May you and Alex continue to have a united and happy love. Thanks for sharing your love vibes 😉

      • nuttyblurt

        You’re welcome!
        Yep, I agree, I wish more people were open! haha, yes, same here, I am far more transparent when writing rather than verbalising 😉

  8. Ray


    It’s so nice to read and see stories and real examples of true love. It offers hope, and I like that. You are a lucky person. And it sounds like you know that. 🙂

  9. Pingback: Passion can spice up your writing and blog, not only your relationship! | Writings of a Mrs

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